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It’s okay to be sad

It's so strange how you can look at someone and not have a clue what is going on inside their head.The smile they wear may just be a cover so people don't ask questions. When I was little, I used... Continue Reading →


As I climb the steep hill the gravel slips under my shoes as if trying to prevent me from reaching the peak. When I reach the top, I am panting and I take a moment to regain a steady breathing... Continue Reading →

Westonbirt in the rain

Today was a good Sunday. It wasn't my typical boring Sunday in bed. My friend and I decided we wanted to go to Westonbirt Arboretum and as Autumn is our favourite time of year, it seemed like the perfect time.... Continue Reading →


Decluttering... something I can only do when feeling particularly productive and also brave. While going through my things I normally end up getting side tracked when I see the vast amount of things that hold sentimental value. However, this time... Continue Reading →


The darkness comes early. It surrounds everything, pulling the world into it's shadowy embrace. The sun begins to set, lowering itself gently behind the horizon. The silhouetted trees contrast with the bright colours of the sky. The wind carries winter's... Continue Reading →

Being Positive

I've always been a 'glass half empty' type of person and have never looked at my life in a positive light. In time, I just came to accept this. What's the point of trying to force myself to view things... Continue Reading →


Motivation is something a lot of people, including myself struggle with. I am the WORST person at motivating myself and always have been. However, lately I've found a few things that really help me to stay motivated in day to... Continue Reading →


I find it crazy how quickly the year goes. One minute you're in July, preparingย for summer and the next you're greeted with the frosty bite of November. It seems that time goes by in a blink and you're left wondering... Continue Reading →

The Lake

The lake is peaceful at night. There are no walkers peering at it like there are during the day. The wind causes the water to ripple gently, creating a shimmer that reflects the moonlight. As the dawn breaks through the... Continue Reading →

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