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It's not very often that I'm a passenger in the car, I forget the scenery that I am missing out on when my mind is focused on the road ahead. There are some days where I don't remember the journey... Continue Reading →


As I climb the steep hill the gravel slips under my shoes as if trying to prevent me from reaching the peak. When I reach the top, I am panting and I take a moment to regain a steady breathing... Continue Reading →


The darkness comes early. It surrounds everything, pulling the world into it's shadowy embrace. The sun begins to set, lowering itself gently behind the horizon. The silhouetted trees contrast with the bright colours of the sky. The wind carries winter's... Continue Reading →

The Lake

The lake is peaceful at night. There are no walkers peering at it like there are during the day. The wind causes the water to ripple gently, creating a shimmer that reflects the moonlight. As the dawn breaks through the... Continue Reading →


As one person in a world of billions, I feel like an ant scurrying around not knowing where I am going or what I hope to achieve. You think you as one person you don't matter, why would you in... Continue Reading →


The sky was an unbroken curtain of grey. I walked down the beach, flicking the sand up with each step. The sea air was fresh and the familiar salty smell lingered on the wind. I was greeted by the gentle... Continue Reading →


The world is ever changing. You can see it everywhere you look. It's in the trees, the sky, it's in the flowers and the creatures. The world is an amazing place. I find the most wonderful thing of all to... Continue Reading →

Morning Bliss

The time is 6:30. it's the best time of day for me. So peaceful with only the bird songs to fill the silence. The early morning breeze rustles through the tree tops. I allow myself to stop for a moment,... Continue Reading →


The trees had erupted with colour. The pink petals resembled candy floss as they grew in tight bunches, which only made them appear more vibrant. I was in awe of them when I first saw them, mesmerized by their beauty.... Continue Reading →

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