It’s been a while since I’ve written a post on here… I guess that’s because I had nothing to say that was worth reading. My head has been the busiest place at the moment and seemingly the only time it switches off is when I’m about to fall asleep. What’s worse is that I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that is going on inside it. There just seems to be a never ending buzz.

What I did think to write of though, was my trip to London. Last weekend, a friend and I took a trip away. She had never been before so we went exploring. I think that was the first time in a while that I managed to shut my thoughts up. Being a country girl, going to the city is always exciting, of course you get the whole ‘watch your bags’ and ‘don’t stay out too late’ talk from your parents but that’s only natural and something I am used too.

The first day we were there, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and wandered off to the Natural History Museum. As usual, I expect to find places like that extremely boring but as always, I was pleasantly surprised. We did a few other things that day too including going to Camden Lock Market, a never ending maze of stalls, each one completely different from it’s neighbour. My friend bought a leather bound notebook and decided that she would use it as a scrapbook for our trip there – an awesome idea, I thought.

The next day was my favourite though. We went on the London Eye and to the Sealife Aquarium. Being the total tourists we were, we went to every gift shop and my friend came out with something from every one. The Ice Bar was by far my favourite thing we did. It was so unusual that I had a smile plastered on my face the whole 40 minutes – even if my fingers felt like they were going to drop off! We finished the night with cocktails and I felt the happiest I’d felt in a little while. I’m not saying I was unhappy before, just more wading through life as it came.



Monday – the day we said goodbye to the city and headed home. We sat for hours in the station ready to go. When you sit somewhere for long enough, you can’t help but observe the people around you. It was funny to watch them, so absorbed in their lives. I couldn’t help but think about my future, what my life would look like in 10 years. Sometimes I wish I could have a glimpse. Sometimes I want anything but to do that because where would be the fun in that?