It’s not very often that I’m a passenger in the car, I forget the scenery that I am missing out on when my mind is focused on the road ahead. There are some days where I don’t remember the journey I took to get somewhere. This is mostly on my way to work as it’s a route I take so often.

When I do get to look at the scenery, I am mesmerised. This particular morning I was with my dad coming back from the tip. I looked to my left to see bright colours of green and blue. The trees looked like they were reaching to touch the clouds which hovered above, just out of reach. The houses were nestled among huge mountains of green and there was a jagged wall in front framing the scene. When I look back to this image, my eyes are drawn to the tree in the centre, the way it danced in gentle breeze. The deep green contrasting against the brick of the houses that surround it. It all looks natural and without disturbance. The soundtrack of the one of peace. All that can be heard is the trees rustling their coloured leaves in the wind. The only sounds that aren’t natural are the buzz of the electricity cable above and car engines rattling by.