Although, 2016 has been a pretty crappy year for the world as a whole, for me there have been so many wonderful memories.

In March, I went to Disneyland Paris with my friend and it was so amazing! I completely forgot what it was like to turn back into a kid! We didn’t got for a long, only a few days but we laughed so much (despite the chaotic train journey!!)

In August, I went to Reading Festival for the day to see Five Finger Death Punch and a Β few other bands. I love festivals – the atmosphere is insane and no matter how long I go there for, I always end up with festival blues when it’s time to go home. We had a great day and although we almost missed to train home – we were so happy.

With the company I work for, I have been lucky enough to experience lots of new and exciting things. For example – at the end of November we attended an event called the IBJ Awards. This was a black tie event where companies in this industry are put up for awards for that year – we won two. We traveled up in a minibus and pre-drank cider and gin and tonics on the way (probably not the best idea!) We were all buzzing. I’d never been to a black tie event before this and I have to say trying to find the right dress was seriously stressful and I’m glad I don’t have to do that again! We stayed in the centre of London and the event was held in the tower of London. It was beautiful. My friend and I spend way too much time in the photobooth though!

Next came the Christmas party on the 10th December in Stoneham park – Eastleigh. My friend and I traveled down to meet everyone at the hotel. We then went to the Winchester Christmas market and had some food. It was a great day followed by an even better evening. Once again, we got dressed up and got a bit too drunk, everything was perfect. We watched the aerial acrobats do their thing and had some amazing food!

Last but certainly not least, I got an unconditional offer from the University of Gloucestershire to study ‘Digital Media and Web Technologies’ starting next September. I think this had to be the highlight of my year considering it’s a huge life changing thing! I will be incredibly sad to leave the company I work for but I can’t wait for this to happen now, it’s the start to my future and I can’t wait.

2016 has been the best year for me so far. Less tears and more laughter by far than the last few years.

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