Everyone has a place they get nostalgic. For me, it’s a stretch of fields, hidden in the thick grey of Stroud, called ‘the Heavens’. You would never even know it was there. The summer of 2012 was the best I can remember, filled with endless days of joy. I have been there since but no matter when I go or who I’m with, I still hear the laughter and feel the happiness that surrounded everyone that summer. The green of the fields was all that could be seen for miles, only broken by a thin stream that snaked through the centre of it and trees that lined the horizon. Rabbits roamed freely, spooking at any tiny noise and darting out of sight. That place is the definition of peace and I think it always will be for me. We spent countless hours there with picnics, having water fights and laughing the days away.

We used to sit and wait for the darkness to devour us and we would defy it’s control with the bright flames of fire.



*P.S: This video is not owned by me. Although, not all the clips were filmed at the Heavens – most were and I do think I’m pretty lucky that my friend filmed and made videos throughout this summer! Thanks for reading!*