When asked at the age of 18 whether or not I wanted to go to university, my first thought was: ‘hell no, I’ve just done a tonne of education, why would I want to make myself suffer through more?’ That still stood until about 3 months ago when I started thinking about where I was headed. ย Now I’ve had nearly three years out of education and I’ve gone from despising it to wondering whether or not it would be good for me.

One thing I tend to really worry about is being stuck. That relates to all sorts. The fear of being stuck in a job that I can’t progress in or being trapped in a relationship that makes me unhappy, are just two examples of a very long list. I love my job as it stands but I know that sooner or later, I will want to move on and when this happens, the only worthwhile experience I have is in the current work I do. I’m not for one moment saying that what I do now isn’t something I enjoy, I just wonder if I could get more out of my life and my working career.

In regards to what I would do at university (if I decide this is right for me!) I have already chosen the course I would pursue and have attended the open day at a local university that offers that course. It’s an exciting decision and one I thought I would never have to make.

My main worry about it all is leaving work. I couldn’t ask for a better company than the one I am in now. They are generous and supportive, I doubt I will find another like this for a long time to come. I would miss them all but I can’t stick around in a job that isn’t what I want to do purely for this reason. Aside from that, the other struggle would be money. As I have worked full time for almost three years, the thought of going from a monthly salary to a part time wage terrifies me!

I need to have a good think and work out exactly what I want. I also need to remember that if I don’t do this now, then when will I? After all, isn’t the point of your early life to find out who you are and what makes you happy?