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Being the best version of You

So, it's been a while - more than a month in fact. I'm annoyed at myself for not writing sooner actually because it's something I happen to love doing. I've had ideas, therefore have kept a little list so I... Continue Reading →

A Weekend Away

It's been a while since I've written a post on here... I guess that's because I had nothing to say that was worth reading. My head has been the busiest place at the moment and seemingly the only time it... Continue Reading →

10 things that make me happy

Sometimes I get too caught up in life. I know that sounds weird but have you ever just got too overwhelmed by everything that is happening in your life? Sometimes it doesn't hurt to take a step back and think... Continue Reading →

The best day

Harry Potter Studios - what more can I say?! I went yesterday and it was incredible. I've been once before but this time it was Christmas at Hogwarts! They had a few features that were exclusive to Christmas so I... Continue Reading →


It's not very often that I'm a passenger in the car, I forget the scenery that I am missing out on when my mind is focused on the road ahead. There are some days where I don't remember the journey... Continue Reading →

Looking back

Although, 2016 has been a pretty crappy year for the world as a whole, for me there have been so many wonderful memories. In March, I went to Disneyland Paris with my friend and it was so amazing! I completely... Continue Reading →


I made the decision to apply for university because in the end, I thought 'why not?' If I changed my mind, I could always defer my place but at least I would have it. So that's what I did! I... Continue Reading →


Everyone has a place they get nostalgic. For me, it's a stretch of fields, hidden in the thick grey of Stroud, called 'the Heavens'. You would never even know it was there. The summer of 2012 was the best I... Continue Reading →


When asked at the age of 18 whether or not I wanted to go to university, my first thought was: 'hell no, I've just done a tonne of education, why would I want to make myself suffer through more?' That... Continue Reading →

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